Avs video maker doesn’t re-compress video, or alter its format, & it doesn’t even let you shuffle scenes around.

All it does, in essence, is remove parts from a video file & then output it again in its original format.
That is all people need to do lots of the time, though, & it’s the giant advantage that it is far faster than changing the video format, with no quality loss.
The evaluation version of avs video maker is a free download, but it is crippled; it can only output a maximum of minutes of video.

When you register one AVS video maker program you register all of them, and there’s a long list.
Each of them, in essence, does the job of one feature of one of the better-known audio-video packages, so you can mix and match AVS programs to get just the stuff you actually need.

And there is nothing wrong with that. If all you need to do is a single task, then a single-purpose gizmo that Works is a much better solution than some Photoshop-esque teetering mound of features, & the AVS programs look like bargains if you have got a use for a quantity of them.
Assuming, of coursework, that the AVS programs actually work.