Metal Pipes

Of all materials used for making pipes, metal is quite uncommon. A Metal Smoking Pipe usually has a stem and an aluminium shank which serves as a heat sink. Metal Pipes have easily detachable parts which can be assembled whenever needed. So they can be carried around anywhere. A metal pipe usually has a removable cap with or without a lighter hole. Another advantage of such pipes is their highly durable nature. Heat retention may be a problem but most bowls usually have plastic or rubber grips on the outside of the pipe.

Metal Pipes are usually used for smoking cannabis and other drugs, rather than tobacco. Metal bowls need a break-in period during which smoke passing through the mouthpiece has an after-taste when used with tobacco. This is not the case with cannabis smoking because cannabis does not have an odd after-taste. Some popular Metal Pipes are the Arabian Midwakh and the Japanese Kiseru which has a metallic mouthpiece and bowl at each end.