PC Based Digital

Today, a PVR is a standalone or PC-based digital video recorder, with Tivos & their clones for the masses, Linux boxes with six tuner cards for the geeks, & umpteen Windows Media Middle systems for the remainder of the world.

What most of these systems have in common is great large ugly files filled with stuff you don’t require. For stuff you only intend to watch one time, this doesn’t matter there is also no simple way to get video files out of low-end PVRs.

But in case you can get at the files, & need to make them – which probably means trimming crud off the beginning & finish & removing commercials – then you need a program like AVS Video Maker.

The purpose of AVS Video Maker is to make it simpler to chop up video files in various popular MPEG-4-derived formats, not MPEG-2.
You can remove commercials from PVR-ed tv shows, or cut up other shows or movies in to scenes.

Then, avs video maker makes it simple for you to select the scenes you need & the scenes you don’t, & write the edited file out in the same format as the original. You may even join files of the (exact) same format together, & make DVD menus.